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Money in Motion can change the way you do business. Since 1989, we’ve helped small to medium businesses maximize their resources by offering a total range of business support services. It’s our team’s pleasure to see businesses expand and prosper, empowering the community and helping business owners achieve their goals.

Can Working Capital Help Your Business Thrive?

Have you considered how working capital can help your business advance? Working capital in Thunder Bay is a vital addition to any business plan. It focuses on the difference between your current assets (assets you can easily convert into cash within a year) minus your current liabilities (what you owe within the coming year). As businesses grow, their clients’ payment schedules can directly affect their bottom line. On longer jobs, a 30-60-90 payment plan can stretch your budget close to the breaking point.

The Money in Motion team of financial professionals can help you weigh your options and help you visualize the power of working capital for your own business plan. Is working capital right for you? Our team can evaluate your particular circumstances to help you find the answer.

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With more than a quarter century of experience empowering small and medium sized business owners in Thunder Bay, Money in Motion can help you achieve your business’s full potential. Whether working capital is the right solution for you or one of our other services is more fitting, you’ll get individualized reporting when you choose us. Our team will evaluate your current situation and help you find new solutions to problems that have hobbled you for years.

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