New & Used Equipment Financing

How would you like to use your existing equipment to free up capital for other investments or to expand your business? Money in Motion finances new and used equipment up to 20 years in age. Nearly any piece of equipment can be used to put money back into your business.

With over fifteen sales reps and seven branches to serve you, we are proud to be your Canadian resource for new and used equipment financing. New and used equipment financing packages can be used to fit a variety of needs, including:


  • Loans
  • Leases
  • Skip Payments
  • Balloon Payments
  • Residuals
  • Lease-to-Own
  • Equipment Loan Consolidations
  • …and more!


Cross-Border Purchases

Many of our clients like to make cross-border purchases for specialty units. We can help facilitate the whole process — all you have to do is ask! This service allows small to medium-sized business owners the freedom to purchase new or used equipment with the help of Money in Motion. You can put our professional experience to good use by having our team find the perfect piece of equipment or vehicle model that is ideal for your business.

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Flexible Financing and Lease Plans

At Money in Motion, we offer flexible lease and finance plans to better accommodate your seasonal fluctuations. These plans allow you to make higher payments during seasonal peaks so they do not place a burden on your business’ normal operations. Flexible financing and lease plans are perfect for those in the forestry, construction, farming and snow removal trades.


Our team has financed over 10,000 pieces of equipment, worth over $1 billion dollars, and we can help you, too!


Equipment Leasing from Toronto to Vancouver & St. John

Money in Motion is proud to offer a one-stop service solution to all our customers. We make it easy to turn your equipment equity into cash. Our solutions and expertise allow owner/operators to turn their equipment into a useable money supply. We are committed to getting the job done, no matter the asset or the structure. We operate from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland and will work with you to find the best solution for your specific business needs. Money in Motion is there every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our team strives to be the most successful equipment leasing company in North America. We will accomplish this goal by empowering our clients with new and used equipment financing, engine repair financing and equipment leasing in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Sudbury and our other Canadian locations.

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