Logistical & Financial Support Services for Canadian Business Owners

Money in Motion wants to empower your business. For more than 25 years, we’ve collaborated with business owners from numerous industries to develop personalized solutions that help our clients excel and expand. Visiting any of Money in Motion’s 10 Canadian locations can be the first step on a new path for your business.

Owning a business can be a constant source of independence and pride, but it does come with major financial and logistical responsibilities. Money in Motion has seen firsthand the unique challenges small and medium sized business owners face as they operate and grow. Shortages of working capital, the cost of equipment purchases and the unexpected costs of running a business can endanger your bottom line at any moment.

That’s why Money in Motion is proud to offer a complete range of logistical and financial support options for Canada’s business owners. Our team can evaluate your business plan and your current circumstances, offering personalized solutions to help your business prosper.

Money in Motion’s Services Include:

  • Equipment Leasing
    Equipment leasing is a creative solution that can make your business more agile at any stage of operation. Learn more by contacting Money in Motion now.
  • Creditor Insurance
    Discuss your creditor insurance options with the Money in Motion financial team for greater peace of mind when the unexpected occurs.
  • Working Capital
    Working capital can be critical for business owners. Speak to our team to learn how we can help you cover your businesses expenses without breaking your budget.
  • Account Receivables Financing
    Enjoy instant cash flow and enhanced growth opportunities without giving up equity with account receivables financing.
  • Sale Leaseback Program
    Refinance your recently purchased equipment and put money back into your wallet.
  • Engine Repair Financing
    Why buy new when you can have your truck or rig repaired? We offer flexable payment plans across Canada to get you to your destination on time and within budget.
  • New & Used Equipment Financing
    Money in Motion is there to help you get the right equipment for your next job. Old or new, we help you acquire the tools to get the job done.

Visit One of Our 10 Canadian Locations


With offices in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Newfoundland, you’re never far from the skills and resources of an experienced Money in Motion team. We can offer financial insight and help you forge a new direction in your business without sacrificing equity or impeding your business operations.

For more information on how Money in Motion can empower your business, contact one of our 10 branches.