Sale Leaseback Program

Have you recently purchased equipment using cash? Money in Motion can refinance that same equipment and put money back into your wallet. Our team makes it as easy as possible to conduct equipment leasing in any of the many areas we serve.


The Company to Call for Equipment Leasing in Canada

Operating a business that incorporates vast amounts of machinery isn’t just difficult, it’s expensive, too! With Money in Motion, we can help put capital back into your business in order to free up your finances so you can keep doing what you do best — manage and grow your business!


Take Advantage of Equipment Leasing or Our Sale Leaseback Program in Canada!

With Money in Motion, you can pay for your equipment up front, then lease back the capital over an extended period of time. You will also benefit from tax reductions and other considerations that are only available to businesses that lease their equipment.


We’re proud to be your one-stop service for all your sale leaseback needs from each of our offices throughout Canada. We are dedicated to getting the job done, no matter the asset or the structure.  Call now for local expertise from our representatives in the following areas:

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Flexible Financing and Leasing Plans

Money in Motion offers highly flexible payments plans, allowing you to structure your payments around your busy seasons. This type of arrangement is perfect for businesses affected by seasonal revenue changes, such as those in agriculture, snow removal, forestry, construction and other industries.


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To see how an equipment lease or sale leaseback can work for your business, call Money in Motion and request a free estimate. We will be proud to count you among our more than 3,000 satisfied customers.