Industrial Equipment Financing and Leasing

If you work in the industrial or manufacturing sector, you understand the value and importance of the right tools for the job. The right industrial equipment for your business in Toronto, Sudbury, Winnipeg or across Canada can make all the difference between a successful first quarter and falling short of your targets. New manufacturing equipment is not always available or financially attainable, though. Thankfully, buying the machinery outright is not your only option and, in the long run, may not be the smartest solution for your business. Consider industrial and manufacturing equipment leasing for an immediate solution that promises long-term results.

Why Choose Manufacturing Equipment Leasing

As you explore your options for a more tailored, streamlined, and operational business plan, take your equipment into consideration. Here are three questions you can ask to determine if manufacturing equipment leasing is a viable and appropriate solution for your business expansion or improvement plans across Canada:


Finance Your Manufacturing Equipment Anywhere Across Canada with Money in Motion

1. What kind of performance do you need? When you choose manufacturing equipment leasing, you can enjoy the latest technology, models, and tools. Depending on the lease agreement that you design for your company, you can enjoy the latest technology for your business every year. Without the concerns of maintenance and depreciation, you will enjoy consistent efficiencies and enhancements today and in the future.


2. How much capital is available? Crunch the numbers and determine how much available cash you have and how much you are willing to spend. Purchasing new equipment is an exciting prospect, but it also means that you will be tying up a lot of available resources in a single investment. If you have less money to part with or enjoy the flexibility of more available capital, consider working out an equipment leasing and financing option with the team at Money in Motion. We can tailor a leasing and financing agreement to your business budget and requirements, so that your new manufacturing equipment builds confidence, and is not cumbersome when it comes to finances.


3. What are your long-term plans? Having a plan for the next 5 years, even if it is a rough estimate, can give you an idea of the scale, growth, and direction of your business. If expansion goals are part of your plans, you will want money available to make them a reality. In addition, you will need the flexibility to add and subtract industrial equipment from your fleet when operations change. Whether you will require four new machines or want to move into a new area of expertise, defining those goals and finding an equipment solution that supports them is crucial for success.


Try Manufacturing Equipment Leasing and Financing in Canada

Money in Motion offers reliable and diverse leasing and financing plans for your industrial and manufacturing equipment needs in Toronto, Sudbury, Winnipeg, and beyond. If you are located in Canada, we can provide a lease agreement that suits your business goals and supports your plans for improved operations. Get the most from your machinery and make your money work harder for you with our easy and flexible lease and finance agreements.

Contact us online or fill out a credit application to learn more about manufacturing equipment financing. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-461-8625 to discuss industrial equipment leasing.