Medical & Tech Equipment Financing and Leasing

Medical & Tech equipment is not cheap; it is necessary to save lives, run an efficient clinic or health centre, and educate the next generation of healthcare professionals. There are many companies across various industries, with different organizational and business structures, that require medical equipment in order to effectively operate. Regardless of your profit margins, expenses, and applications, leasing and financing your tech equipment offers your Canadian institution a great option. Consider leasing if you enjoy increased access to capital and the option to regularly upgrade to the newest and most relevant equipment.

Industries that Benefit from Medical Equipment Leasing in Canada

Many different organizations benefit from the flexibility and customization available through medical equipment leasing plans. If you work in any of the following fields, consider the advantages of financing and leasing your equipment and join your peers with this adaptable approach to finding the right tools:

Lease or Finance the Medical or Tech Equipment for Your Canadian Institution or UniversityUniversities. Higher education should be rooted in the foundations of history and experience, but that doesn’t mean that the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other health care providers should be using outdated or degraded medical equipment. Leasing options allow your institution to afford and improve your tech and medical equipment so that your graduates can work with the very best to develop a leading edge in their field. Prepare your students with knowledge and experience by giving them access to the best tools the industry has to offer.


Private clinics. Your patients expect a bit more when they visit a private health care location in Canada. Meet and exceed their expectations while improving efficiencies within your budget and organization by opting for medical equipment leasing in Toronto, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Edmonton and across Canada. You get the technology you need without having to dedicate time to maintenance and commit money to outright purchases.


Public hospitals. Budgeting at public institutions can be a long, stressful, and never-ending process. There never seems to be enough resources, but flexible tech equipment financing can provide more options and available cash to allocate to the areas that need it most. Work with the team at Money in Motion to establish a financing plan that ensures you get what you need, at a price that allows you to reach your goals and serve your patients.


Why You Need to Lease or Finance Medical and Tech Equipment for Your Canadian Institution

Money in Motion offers medical equipment leasing and financing options that encompass a range of institutions. We have experience creating payment plans and sourcing equipment for varied organizations that have their own unique concerns, requirements, and priorities when it comes to finding the right medical tools. Whether you want to offer the latest and greatest or are focused on increasing efficiencies within your budget, we can tailor a plan that takes into account your current needs and future plans. If you need medical and tech equipment in Sudbury, Toronto, Vancouver, or across Canada, we can walk you through the process for leasing and determine how you can make the most of our financing options.

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