Financing and Leasing Your Forestry Equipment Across Canada

Sourcing and maintaining forestry equipment can present some difficult decisions for your company, and when it is time for an upgrade, the process can easily become a daunting task. After researching the brand, make, and model that is best for your terrain and jobs, you need to determine the right financing structure for your budget. Can you afford to purchase the equipment outright? Even smaller, specialized forestry equipment requires a sizeable investment to own. Financing and leasing can be a smart financial choice and a good long-term planning and productivity choice for workers using the machines day after day.
Contact Money in Motion to learn more about the customized financing options available coast to coast. Speak with our team and read more about the advantages of leasing when deciding how to finance your forestry equipment for the Canadian forestry industry.

What Forestry Equipment Can You Finance?

Businesses in Calgary, Toronto, Sudbury, or anywhere across Canada can lease forestry equipment such as:
• Any attachmentsContact Money in Motion to finance or lease Canadian forestry equipment today.
• Mulchers
• Skidders
• Harvesters
• Chippers
• Log Trucks
• Trailers
• Feller Bunchers


Why Finance Forestry Equipment?

Consider keeping more of your capital on-hand and enjoying the following benefits of leasing forestry equipment:

  1. Simplified budgeting. Changing weather patterns, growth cycles, and other fluctuating factors make forestry an unpredictable industry. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your monthly payments will be steady and consistent with equipment leasing and financing options.
  2. Tailored financing plans. Whether you have a lot of upfront capital or very little, Money in Motion has a financing plan that can suit your needs. If you have aspirations to own the equipment in the future or only need it for a fixed period of time, we can accommodate these business goals. We want you to have access to the best forestry equipment to improve productivity and provide the best service to your customers, regardless of your current access to capital.
  3. Efficiency. Forestry work is difficult, on people and machines. Forestry equipment does not last nearly as long as other types of construction equipment and can wear out quickly. While you will be responsible for maintenance and repairs on the machines you lease or finance, you will have more flexibility when it comes to upgrading in the future. Rather than spend profits on repairs to an outdated machine you own, consider a lease agreement that gives you the power of choice in the future.

Get Tailored Forestry Equipment Financing in Canada

At Money in Motion, we realize the importance of cash resources for businesses of all sizes. We also understand how having the right technology and equipment is crucial to running a competitive company. For these reasons and more, we are dedicated to providing forestry equipment financing in Vancouver, Toronto, Sudbury, and locations across Canada.

Forestry equipment is also eligible for accounts receivables financing options for your business. This plan allows you to advance cash based on accounts receivable, so that future funds can be accessed now, when they are needed. That way, you are able to upgrade necessary equipment without waiting for funds.

Meet with our experienced team to find out more about your financing options and determine which program suits your needs. We provide clients across industries with a range of services, including:

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