Money In Motion Sponsors Local Robotics Team!

It’s true that Money in Motion wants to sponsor only awesome causes and the local team/school of St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS School in Aurora, Ontario is exactly that in description.Why is that? I can only give one response to that question. The response is that it is a great charity to help out. Secondly, it is all about kids, and children/education are always outstanding choices for sponsorship. Therefore, we do feel that this is indeed every inch a great sponsorship opportunity, and not just for our organization. It can be the right sponsorship for anyone, and everyone out there, who is looking to make a difference for youngsters in a valuable way that counts the most for them.

What is it that we do get from sponsoring St. Maximilian Kolbe Robotics Team?

The truth is this. We actually get more back than we do give financially to these students. We get the satisfaction of knowing that we are not only helping to educate children in robotics. We are also permitting them to learn lessons and skills that will be with each of them for life as well. What are some of these skills? They are no other than building STEM skills, confidence, teamwork, the ability to do public speaking, and much more. Children are our future. When we invest in them from a sponsorship aspect, we are ensuring their future, and encouraging them to be the inventors/geniuses that we know they can be. Great minds are minds that are motivated to discover and that is what this sponsorship opportunity does give to boys and girls. It gives them the will, the want, and the need to explore/discover the world through robotics.

What does FRC 4343 MaxTech Robotics give to students? Some of the most important of all values have already been highlighted above. However, if one were to further elaborate, I would have to say that this sponsorship opportunity also gives each and every kid something that they do need the most. What is this thing? It is no other than personal inspiration, to seek out and learn as much as they can from robotics, and the world around them. MaxTech 4343 is all about becoming the leaders of tomorrow and making kids leaders in their own kinds of creative ways. Robotics is just one way for boys and girls to be challenged, to compete, and to prove that they can be part of a special tech team that involves robotics.

What does FRC 4343 MaxTech Robotics give to donors? I, myself, speaking for Money in Motion, do think this is a fabulous organization to donate to personally. It is a great thing to sponsor. Children come first with us and always will. MaxTech Robotics puts children and their education first too. There is nothing more wonderful than that to us here at Money In Motion, and It’s why we do make an effort to donate!

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