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Truck Equipment Loans in Canada


From construction to truck and transportation equipment, Money in Motion is a financial services company that caters to businesses who rely on trucks & construction equipment to get the job done. To set up an in-home office today, most people simply need a room and a computer, however other independent entrepreneurs also warrant the use of specialized equipment – especially wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers that use Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles. Money in Motion’s customers include owner/operators, highway fleets (including private fleets), leasing companies, and commercial vehicle dealers.


Heavy equipment ownership can be achieved through various ways including outright purchase, rental, long-term lease, and loans. However, for many small, independent entrepreneurs, an outright equipment purchase – like a truck and trailer – is prohibitive, so heavy equipment leasing and or loans are often the only rational option left with businesses.


Besides saving a large amount of your capital, truck leasing provides a number of additional benefits including:

  • Manageable fees and expenses to stick to your yearly and monthly budget;
  • Flexible financing options including method of payment and specific requirements;
  • Upgrading your equipment at any time with very little change to your monthly payments;
  • New equipment now, rather than waiting, can give you a major competitive advantage no matter what industry you’re in; and
  • Tax breaks as your interest costs and your lease payments can be used as a deduction.

Let Us Help You: “Preserve your capital, increase your margins, and help you get out there, so you can generate revenue with your equipment!” (MIM)

Whether you need a transport truck, dump truck, or any other heavy equipment to run your business, our heavy equipment leases and / or loans ensure that you get safest equipment at best terms. Unlike traditional financial institutions, Money in Motion understands the unique financing challenges you face and we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure that you get the capital you need to put your revenue-generating equipment on the road.


At Money in Motion, we can help you determine the right equipment finance strategy to build or expand your construction, trucking, and / or fleet business. Our list of clients include companies of large and middle size, international corporations, public sector entities municipalities, and even small businesses that are privately owned so whether you are a startup or an owner-operator, we have a truck loan program waiting for you.


Alfred and Susan Chisolm founded Money in Motion in 1989 with one goal in mind: to help small and medium sized businesses who were turned away by the banks acquire the equipment and/or capital they needed to succeed. Money in Motion has never lost sight of that goal and has been providing alternative finance / equipment leasing and Loan solutions to businesses all across Canada for more than 25 years. Today, Money in Motion’s leasing services include lease to own, sale leaseback, and residual leases designed to match your revenue stream. Money in Motion also offers creditor insurance; working capital; cross border transactions, and accounts receivable financing.


For a complete range of lease or loan solutions for trucks, trailers, heavy and construction equipment visit our equipment leasing page. Money in Motion has over 40 employees dedicated to helping you put your project on the road in Sudbury, Richmond Hill, Calgary, Edmonton, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and St. John’s. Contact Money in Motion at 1-800-461-8625 today to start enjoying your OTR independence.







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