I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you a very large and prestigious accomplishment, that Money In Motion was recognized for last Thursday at the 2016 Bell Excellence Awards in Sudbury.  We, as a group, received the top award of the evening…..THE CHAIR’S AWARD!  The Chamber of Commerce, put this on and advised for their 19th year they had the largest number of attendees (450 people), as well as double the amount of entries for each category!  Money In Motion, was selected by judging committee to win this award hands down, although all the categories (including this one in the past) has always had three contenders, they opted to give the award to us due to the impression we made to the panel!  This award is recognition not only for our success as a group but also for our dedicated commitment to the community in bettering the city and its surrounding areas with our product, service and dedication to our causes.


The Chisholm family could not and would not have ever been able to do what we do both business wise and charity wise without our amazing team.  Your hard work, dedication, and passion for the company does not go unnoticed, it is because of YOU that we are where we are and why we continue to grow and exceed our wildest expectations!  Thank you guys & gals, you never cease to amaze us!


I would also, like to say a special thank you to Mandy who nominated us for this award.  As well, as a special message to my brother, thank you for organizing this with Mandy and your speech was fantastic!  I am very proud of you!


Mom and dad, your vision and dream became a reality in 1989 when you decided to start Money in Motion and because of your unwavering drive for your dream, we were able to share in this goal, this vision as a family which became the fantastic group we are today!  So a genuine heart felt thank you from all of us!


Much love

The Chisholms




Erin K. Chisholm

Chief Operating Officer


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