Have you ever thought….geez I really need that new piece of equipment to meet the demands for my product but don’t move ahead because you have no bank line and you know you only work 9 months of the year and might not be able to make the payments?

Why not deal with a lender that truly understands cashflow and the cycles a client may go through during the year.

We are in the relationship business first and the leasing business second.  We want you to be successful and that means custom tailoring a lease product that meets your cashflow whatever that might be.

Our group has been lending successfully to clients with seasonal business cycles for over 25 years and if that meant having 60 different payments in a 60 month contract we could do it.

Few lenders will take the time to truly learn about your business and your specific needs but MIM prides itself in “financing your commercial success”

Alf Chisholm

CEO, Chisholm Group

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