At this very special time during the Christmas Season many of us are very busy bustling around getting ready to enjoy this holiday season with our friends and families and I wanted to take a moment to encourage all of us to stop and think about those out there that have far less than we do and in many cases really have nothing to celebrate at all.

Our company over the years has grown leaps and bounds because of the hard work that our employees and management teams put in every single day to provide our clients with the service the service and products they deserve and I think we have done an excellent job of doing that.

As our group’s profitability increased we started giving more every year to special causes with a special emphasis on needy children and their families.  This need became ever so apparent in our own lives when our grandson was born with an incurable disease that money simply cant fix.  It is a true awakening of sorts when something like this happens to your family.

This year my wife and I as senior directors of our group were so happy that our team here at head office decided to help not one but three separate families in need.  It was spearheaded by our own two children Kurtis and Erin who succeed us in the business. 

We are very proud of our Chisholm Group employees and the fact that they all believe in giving back to our community and especially to our needy children.

I would encourage each and every business owner out there and their employees to do a bit of research today to see who they can help at this special time of year or perhaps all year long 🙂

Wishing all of friends, business partners and acquaintances a great holiday season and promising 2016.

Alf Chisholm

CEO, Chisholm Group

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